What’s a great gay sex club night without a big juicy orgy to top things off? Ty, Zed, Nolan and Jay Tee manage to still be horned up after the night’s earlier festivities, and gang up into a sizzling group scene. Nolan and Zed are on their knees worshipping Ty’s and Jay’s big honkin’ dicks with everyone but Jay still in their harnesses from the bondage action. "Such pretty boys, love seeing that!" groans Jay as Zed and Nolan pass his stiff tool from mouth to mouth. Ty bends down to get a dick-flavored kiss from Zed, then reaches around to pull Nolan’s face into his musky crack. Zed’s on hands and knees nursing on Jay. Ty’s first to bury his fucktool, ramming into Zed’s cock-starved hole. Jay follows with a slick bareback plunge into Nolan’s butthole. Loud groans fill the sweaty air at Kuma, punctuated with the sharp smacks of flesh against flesh. While Nolan gets his ass crammed, he feels his load boiling up and thrusts his spurting cock into Zed. Ty turns him around for the first post jizz kiss and the four studs prepare for round two.

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