Release Year: 2021
Studio: Being Trans 24/7
Cast: Luke Hudson, Micah Martinez
Genres: Redhead, Anal, Strap-on, Hairy, Interracial, Blowjob, Deepthroat, Original Series, Ebony, Bear, trans, rimming, pussy eating
Video language: English

Every transgender person is unique, and so much can be learned from listening to various voices about what it’s like for them to be trans 24/7.
Adult Time’s newest documentary series is devoted to exploring what it means to be trans in today’s society. Each episode offers a fascinating look into the thoughts and personal experiences of a different transgender person.
Luke Hudson is a laid back, fun-loving trans man who enjoys goofy humor and making people happy. He really likes to rock, doing a lot of singing and playing guitar, and when he’s not doing that he can often be found working out.
He considers his life growing up to have been relatively happy, and his siblings figured out he was a boy fairly early on. While most of his family and friends were supportive, there was one person in his life who wasn’t, which is a reality that many trans people face when coming out. Fortunately for Luke, there was a happy ending when that person later came back after learning the error of their ways. However, it’s just one example of the rejection many trans people face.
But that one person isn’t the only one who made assumptions about Luke. When it comes to his sex life, people always make assumptions about him as a trans man, such as not realizing that he likes to top as much as he likes to bottom. It’s because of assumptions like these, both in his everyday and sex life, that Luke wants people to understand that there’s more than one way for transgender people to transition.
And what better way is there to challenge these assumptions than to have a sensual, intimate encounter with Micah Martinez?

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