Cast: Hunter ,Marc ,Zeb
Video language: English

Hunter and one of our newest Dean’s Listers, Marc, are in the middle of a passionate make-out session when out of the blue, our other new Dean’s Lister, Zeb steps in! Nobody had a problem with that (no one does, right?) and Zeb helps Hunter out with Marc. This is one of those great threeways where everyone does everything. Everybody gets fucked, everybody fucks, and there’s a whole lot of sucking, rimming, kissing and oh, yeah …cum! There’s a reason why Marc and Zeb made the Dean’s List. Both of them have their own unique qualities that set them apart. Zeb’s incredible looks and laid-back personality always seem to translate into sensual moments in bed, no matter who his scene partner is. Marc simply smolders. While his “winning smile” is a joy to see, his presence alone oozes sex. Once he gets going, he becomes an unstoppable fucking machine! Hunter is a lucky guy to get paired up with both of these studs. He’s already asking what it takes to make the Dean’s List. I told him to pay attention to what these two are like in bed! Hunter may be a new freshman, but he’s jumped in and is one of the most enthusiastic guys I’ve ever had in the studio. Hunter says to throw anything at him. This video proves he means it! Marc is an eager guy as well and you hear him slurping down Zeb’s cock. Marc moans loudly when Hunter slides his cock into his ass. Zeb takes his turn fucking Marc as well, and Marc swallows Hunter’s cock. Then it’s Hunter’s turn, riding on Marc’s dick as Zeb strokes his cock for him. Then Zeb stands up and feeds Hunter his dick. Hunter’s dick is bouncing up and down as he gets fucked. Zeb moves over to stick his dick down Marc’s throat. Zeb and Marc switch places and Hunter rides Zeb’s cock and blows Marc. Now it’s Zeb’s turn! Marc’s the first one up, shoving his dick into Zeb’s hole as Hunter kisses Zeb’s lean chest, then has him suck his dick. Marc slams into Zeb until he’s ready to cum. He pulls out and blows a huge load all over Zeb’s abs and up to his neck. Hunter’s up next and he wipes some of Marc’s cum off Zeb to use as lube to fuck Zeb. Hunter fucks Zeb until blasts his load into Marc’s mouth. Marc sucks Zeb dry while Hunter continues to pound Zeb. Hunter pulls out and shoots his load all over Zeb’s leg, then sops it up with his dick to finish Zeb off with a creampie.

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Duration: 23:25
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