Studio: Bait Buddies

Blake, a Florida acquaintance of Kory – they have a couple of the same classes – found Korys video on BaitBuddies. He was really surprised, especially seeing Kory around campus with his girlfriend, he couldnt imagine him doing porn – with another dude. At the same time, it turns out that Blake is friends with Peter – and he couldnt wait to get a hold of Peter and ask him how to get in on this deal – he was really hot for Korys cock – he even tells Caruso during the interview, right in front of Kory I want him.
So, with Peters help and Kory always being in need of money, it wasnt long before the two were sitting on the couch in front of Carusos camera. But, this time will be a little different as Kory, a butthole virgin, has to agree to get fucked! So, Caruso just tells the boys to get to it.

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